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Festival Tent Guide

Due to the nature of festivals and camping a little more care is needed in choosing your tent. There are various other options also to consider, such as weight. If you have to trek along way from your car you will want something light to carry especially as you will have other belongings with you too. You will also need to reconsider the look of the product, as there will be thousands of other tents around you you will need one that is easy to recognise especially after a beer or so where everyone else’s tent will look like your own. Therefore get a unique looking tent id possible that is easy to recognise from a distance or even consider adding a flag to a standard tent enabling you to find it readily (make sure you remember what the flag looks like and the rest of your party do too). If you intend to go to to many festivals you’ll need a sturdy tent as you will be spending quite a lot of time in it so ensure you re-pack it correctly and take care not to damage it.

Any of the tents listed on this site make perfect festival tents as they are of the highest quality.


A typical loon basks in the sun at a festival, her pop up tent happy she is having fun.

Guide to pitching your festival

Firstly the most important rule is not to bring anything you can’t afford to lose. As careful as you can be sometimes things get lost or at worst case stolen. For your extreme valuables such as key, cash, cards mobiles etc keep them on your person, or in your car dashboard for maximum security. Also consider spreading your money on your person or in a few keep safe areas within your belongings so if the worst comes to the worst you’ll won’t have lost everything.

If your tent allows, after zipping it padlock it with a secure padlock.

If possible arrive early, clever people do this to get the best pitches as late comers will find. Find somewhere away from walkways and hedges, preferably flat ground that is well-drained and not near anything that could prove to be an obstruction or full of passers-by.

Ensure that your pitch  it is in an easy to find area preferably not too far away from where the action is. Also make a note of key geographical features that will enable you to locate it readily especially in the dark. If you are camping with friends with a number of other tents pitch them in a circle so you can socialise and possibly eat within that area for safety. If camping alone, or in small numbers make sure you get to know your neighbours just to be on the safe side.
For further safety reasons ensure that you immediately put all of your rubbish into a designated bin (a liner will do) so that you don’t trip over it, for that reason also have everything in your tents rather then laying about at all times.

For purposes of communication ensure that you have a phone on you at all times, as electricity will be somewhat hard to create yourself bring a solar charger or car charging mobile phone device.

Make a security plan so you know where your party will meet if anyone doesn’t come back at a certain time and stick to it.

Finally enjoy yourself, have fun/.

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