6 + man pop up tent

Pop up tents for over 6 people
If you have a family or a large group of friends that want to go camping you may require a six person pop up tent or more. These are detailed below in price order:

These tents from Gelert or Vango are perfect for those who want the best pop up tent for a number of people. The instructions are easy to understand and the tents are quickpitch ones enabling you to get the most out of your time. The living areas are designed for varying number of adults of an average size and will comfortably house what their intended size is. These tents have been manufactured to a high standard and are naturally sturdy and waterproof, ideal for family camping. All of the camping tents come with a carrying case for easy transportation and most are delivered the very next working day straight to your front door. 6 man pop up tents and over are naturally going to be heavier than their smaller counterparts so ensure you choose the size that will best fit your needs as naturally models will vary. Everything you need to assemble your tent is included and you don’t need any extras. Ensure you have sleeping bags and other correct camping equipment that you’ll need to stay outdoors for a period of time. Furthermore each tent has a quality assurance guarantee so if you are unhappy with your purchase the tent manufacturer is obliged to help you. Perhaps an idea pre your actual camping date is to find quite a large open space of ground and actually test setting up these tents in daylight. If you are going to be setting up by night ensure you have a torch or other lighting equipment to hand to ensure a smooth set up.

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